‘Magic Of Rahat’ Returns To YouTube With Drive-Thru Prank 2 Years After Disappearance January 7, 2021 by Azlyrics

January 6, 2021




YouTube star Magic of Rahat has returned to the platform after two years since disappearing.

The 31-year-old magician and entertainer, real name Rahat Hossain, boycotted the video streaming platform after he was accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a fundraiser for a homeless man called Eric Aursby, which Hossain has since disproved.

In an epic new prank video, the YouTuber can be seen falling back into his pranking roots as he approaches the windows at fast food restaurants disguised as Baby Yoda, a character from Disney’s The Mandalorian.

Rahat disproved the allegations made against him, saying that Aursby was provided a home, funded by a public fundraiser, along with a bank account with access to thousands of dollars, from the same fundraiser, and given a new job – which he allegedly failed to turn up on his first day due to being intoxicated, later seeing the previously homeless man losing his job opportunity.

Watch the full 50-minute return announcement video here.

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